About Novelty Payments

Achieve your business goals and long-term success

Novelty Payments is your best way to accept payments online or in-store. Novelty Payments’ leadership team is composed of industry professionals who have MBA degree, JD degree and years of IT infrastructure and application development experience with financial institutions.

We will provide the payment processing services to facilitate the purchase of goods or services, or the payment of bills for goods or services, pursuant to agreements with the sellers that provided the goods or services and receive the funds. We constantly seek innovative solutions that allow the sellers to accept mobile payments, credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments or other payments methods, with secure payment options and at reduced transaction costs.

Founded by a group of immigrants, Novelty Payments believe in a simple idea: global mobility should not be the barrier to payment transactions. We have turned that vision into the solutions that will link tens of thousands of goods and services buyers with the sellers.